What are pharmaceutical companies developing to fight COVID-19?


COVID-19 has been infecting more people across the globe. Doctors say that the best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands regularly, and to keep your distance from people with colds and coughs, since these are the symptoms of those infected mildly. When the infection becomes severe, people develop symptoms like those of pneumonia, and have difficulty breathing.

In the meantime, pharmaceutical companies (those that develop medicines) are racing to find safe and effective vaccines to prevent the spread, and medicines to treat those infected.

What looks promising right now?

Remdesivir is an anti-viral medicine that is being developed by a company called Gilead Sciences. This medicine was being developed for other respiratory viral illnesses, and has shown some promise in COVID-19. It is being tested in China, and now in America. It is being tested in patients who have a severe infection.

Moderna is another company that has a vaccine against COVID-19 that they will be testing now in humans.

Other companies like Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson are also trying to develop therapies and vaccines to prevent and treat the disease.

Stay tuned for further developments!

Written by: Sunaina Murthy

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