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This section explores art and cultural news for kids. We help kids explore art news across the globe through posts, articles, videos and quizzes on literature, paintings, sculpture, architecture, music, dance, festivals, theatre and movies. We introduce them to artists, writers, musicians, entertainers and important personalities in this space. We cover events across the globe to help get a flavour of different cultures and their traits. We provide kids with general knowledge surrounding this arts news content as well. Our writers and illustrators curate and craft our content especially for kids. Art and entertainment news for kids helps children learn about geography and history and helps to develop their general knowledge about countries, people and support cultural diversity. Reading current affairs has been shown to improve literacy, writing skills, problem-solving and logical thinking. Being exposed to and knowledgeable about arts and entertainment has been shown to help kids to build their leadership qualities and interpersonal skills. It has also been shown to help to raise empathy and thoughtfulness by providing perspective.