Banksy: Street art in a gallery?

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Banksy: Street art in a gallery?
Show Me the Monet!

Painted in the style of French Impressionist Monet!

Banksy: Street art in a gallery?
Claude Monet: Bridge over a pond of water lilies

Monet's painting. See the similarities?!

Banksy: Street art in a gallery?
Turf War

A cheeky rendering of Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain during and after World War II. He is shown with a punk 'mohawk' hair style. This reminds us of 'turf' or ground, what wars are fought over.

Banksy: Street art in a gallery?
Christ with Shopping Bags

Perhaps a commentary on how much stuff people want for Christmas, and that they have lost the true meaning of the day.

Banksy: Street art in a gallery?
Deride and Conquer

Poking fun at his own country, the British and the love and fascination with the Crown.

Banksy: Street art in a gallery?
Sunflowers from Petrol Station

A contrast to Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers.

Banksy: Street art in a gallery?
Vinent van Gogh's Sunflowers


Banksy is a cheeky street artist. He spray paints his thoughts on people and events, onto the sides of buildings, onto cows, onto canvas. Pretty much anything is fair game for him. Who is he? Robin Banks, from Bristol, UK. He doesn’t like to be noticed as his work is not exactly legal. It isn’t really alright to spray paint on the sides of public property, like buildings. He works at night and sometimes people in neighbourhoods wake up to a surprise! He has a lot of admirers because his work is quite ‘tongue in cheek’ where he pokes fun and makes jokes about the way we live. It encourages us to examine our way of life from a different perspective.

Some of his work on canvas has been borrowed from collections around the world, and put on display at Lazinc gallery in London this summer.

Check out some of his work!

Written by: Sunaina Murthy. Sunaina is a biotechnologist, writer, greedy reader, and amateur photographer.

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