The viral children’s song ‘Baby Shark’ enters the Billboard Hot 100

When you think of the Billboard music charts, you probably think of the biggest stars like  Halsey, Post Malone, Marshmallow Ariana Grande and popular songs.

But earlier this month a viral children’s song “Baby Shark” became a huge hit, swimming into number 32 on the the Hot 100 chart. Watch out! It is super catchy and tends to stick in your head.

The song has been around for a while but a South Korean educational company reproduced it with a twist. It first went viral in Indonesia and then hit the US.  Pinkfong’s YouTube video of the song has over two billion views and has recorded 20.8 million streams.

“Baby Shark” is an unexpected hit. However, it is not the first children’s song to make it big on the charts. If you remember Alvin and the Chipmunks, the cartoon chipmunks are part of an imaginary band. Together, they had five big hits. “Alvin’s Harmonica” reached Number 3 and “The Chipmunk Song” reached Number 1.  And who can’t remember “Let It Go” from the popular Disney movie “Frozen’, which reached Number 5.

Here take a look!