5 Stories to Stay Current this Week!


While a lot has happened this week, here are 5 stories to chat about and discuss.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce from Jamaica blew away the competition in the 100 m sprint at the World Championships in Doha, and is being celebrated as the fastest woman in the world! Click here to read about this fantastic, unicorn haired mother!

Nepal has been doing something right for its tiger population. Anti-poaching efforts have almost doubled the tiger population there over the past 9 years. Read here to find out why and how they did this.

Fasten your seat belts and prepare to be amazed! Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered a lost continent called Greater Adria. This lies mostly submerged below Europe, and parts of it are crinkled in the mountain ranges across Europe and the Middle East. If you’ve been to Italy, Croatia, Turkey or Greece, it is likely you have stepped on this continent! Follow this link to find out more about this.

Carbon dioxide levels across the world have been rising, worrying climate change activists. In 2015, a number of countries signed an agreement, called the Paris Climate Accord, to reduce carbon emissions. There are two research institutes that have been tracking how well countries are doing on reducing carbon emissions versus what they had pledged to do in the Paris Agreement. Some of the most industrialized countries, like the USA and Russia, are faring very poorly on this tracker, while some of the developing nations like India and Gambia are doing fairly well relative to their targets. Read here to see how the countries stack up.

US President Donald Trump has been in the news again, but this time a number of people are asking for him to be impeached, or removed from office. This is because it is suspected that he asked officials in the Ukraine for some information he could use against his opponents in next year’s US Presidential race, in exchange for millions of dollars worth of military aid to the Ukraine. If this is true, it is illegal, and could be grounds for his removal from office.




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