A Pacific bluefin tuna fish sold for a whopping $3 million dollars at an auction at a Tokyo fish market.


A 612 pound (1 kilo = 2.2 pounds, so 612/2.2 = 278 kg) Pacific bluefin tuna fish sold for a whopping $3 million this weekend at an auction at a Tokyo fish market. That sounds like one valuable fish!

What’s so special about this bluefin tuna fish?


Tuna is valued around the world for its use in Japanese food called sushi and sashimi. Japan consumes 80 percent of the world’s bluefin tuna followed by growing demand from countries such as Mexico, Korea, and the United States. 

Overfishing has caused the population of the Pacific bluefin tuna to fall dramatically. This has also made it very valuable!

Conservation groups have labeled this species as “vulnerable,” which means it is likely to become endangered unless the conditions endangering its survival change.

What is Overfishing? It is simply a situation where humans catch too much fish from the oceans and other water bodies for consumption. Nature is unable to keep up and naturally replenish populations (reproduce) causing certain fish populations to dwindle.

For decades, Scientists in Japan have been working hard to try to breed bluefin tuna fish in fish farms! They have found that bluefin tuna don’t breed regularly in captivity.

So, who bought it?

Kiyoshi Kimura on his expensive fish

A sushi restaurant owner named Kiyoshi Kimura spent $3 million or ($1=108.5200 yen, so $3 million= $3 million *108.5200 ) 333.6 million yen for this juicy fish! In an interview, he admitted that though the tuna looks tasty and fresh, he might over-payed for it! The gigantic tuna will give more than 12,000 pieces of sushi for the company’s Sushi chain.

The media frenzy surrounding the Pacific bluefin auction hides how vulnerable this species really is.

Adapted By: Biyash Choksey

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