The amazing world of flipbook art


What is a Flipbook?

It is a large number of stacked pages with a picture or drawing on each page. The image on each page is slightly different from the previous page in a way that when the pages are flipped quickly, the pictures look like they are moving. The Flipbook is a precursor to modern day movies and animation. John Barnes Linnett is credited with inventing the flipbook in 1868, having understood the benefits of presenting images in a linear sequence.

I recently discovered a Flipbook artist, Ben, who calls himself ‘The Flippist’ and makes flipbooks for a living. Here is his story, told through a flipbook.

Want to make your own Flipbook?

It can start on something as simple as notepads, post-it notes, or even on the corners of a book. The gradual change in the image and greater number of frames or pages a flipbook has, the better it is at portraying motion. Once the paper is chosen, the next step is to decide what to draw and the action taking place. It can be something as simple as a bouncing ball or as complicated as Michael Jackson’s iconic dance move, the moonwalk. Some people use photographs for their flipbooks too. Here is Ben The Flippist’s flipbook tutorial.

Pro tip: Start drawing at the bottom of the paper, or rather, your last scene, and draw backward from there. Objects that will be moving must be drawn differently on each page. Big changes will look like fast motion, and small changes will seem slower as the pages are flipped. Here is one of my favorite flipbooks, found on YouTube. This truly is an art form of its own. Enjoy!

Written By: Divya Pamnani. Divya is an art teacher at an international school, an artist, a newbie diver and mountain climber.

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