Fortnite’s 40 hours of darkness!


Fortnite. The game that has captured the imagination of nearly 6 million people. That’s more than the population of Denmark. All these people went through a virtual black hole when Fortnite went offline on October 13, 2019. 

Wait. What?

You heard right. Fortnite sort of self-destructed last week while people were playing The End event. 

There’s a hint in that name right? 

Very funny. But honestly, no one expected such a shocking end. 

Ok, so what happened? 

So in brief,  on Sunday evening, a rocket launched from Dusty Depot that’s in the middle of the Fortnite island, created something called a giant rift which connected to other rifts and began causing havoc. Then multiple rockets appeared and converged creating an altogether new rift which allowed a meteor (which had been hanging around the game somewhere for months) that crashed and destroyed the island. 

That’s quite a stunner!

It’s pure genius from Epic games, the makers of the game. No one really saw it coming, and it was absolutely sensational because everything then got sucked into a black hole, which was the only thing you could see if you entered the game. Even their social media and all other channels went offline and only had images or link to the black hole. It was all mystery and intrigue. 

A black hole. That’s just nothingness. 

Well Fortnite being Fortnite, it’s black hole kept sending out random numbers. Everyone was puzzled as to what they meant. Some enterprising players put the numbers onto map coordinates, and Google Maps sent players to a huge music ‘crab rave’ on a beach. Was it a clue for things to come? Or just some more tricks to confuse players? Who knows! 

What’s a crab rave meme? Check this out!


Have they done anything like this before? 

They have pulled some tricks before, and it is the reason why they have become such legends and scripted a new way of story-telling. Aliens, storms, earthquakes and even a robot emerging from a dormant volcano! The island has become a place of folktales and lore. Not to forget the Marshmello concert that they hosted live inside the game [more on that here]

So that’s it? It’s over. 

No. The reason for the game going blank is probably because Fortnite needs some downtime to get new stuff up and running. 

Can you play now? 

Yes. On October 15, about 40 hours after it went blank, the game came back on in a spanking new avatar. There’s an entirely new map that is much bigger and has beaches, hills and forests throughout the area. There are new modes of transport, especially boats, which is why several rivers are running through the island. There are new activities for players around these rivers – swimming and fishing are now possible. There is a new way to level with medals where players climb tiers by gathering materials along as well as combat experience points throughout the match. There’s also a brand new battle pass, where players can use their money to unlock more character skins and other bonuses. 

Oddly, there’s seems to be going ‘back to nature’ feel to the island with new weapons that seem to be scaled back a bit, and all the new nature bits makes it quite lovely. 

Cool. Thanks for the update. Gotta go now!

I know where you’re headed. Meet you upstream on a boat.

Written by: Pereena Lamba. Pereena is a freelance writer, editor and creative consultant. She is also co-author of Totally Mumbai.

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