Fun Facts about February 29, 2020 – Leap Day!


What is a Leap Day? February 29, which comes once every 4 years. February has only 28 days during the other years!

Why is this? It is accounted for by the Earth’s revolution in its orbit, around the Sun. It takes the Earth 365 and a quarter days to revolve around Sun. So these quarter days are added up into one full day every 4 years. This year with an extra day in February is a Leap Year

Why do we need to be so precise? If we weren’t our calendars would start to get out of sync with the seasons.

How do we know which year is going to be a Leap Year?

Well, Forbes magazine has a formula for all you Math lovers out there.

  • Any year divisible by 4 is a Leap Year, unless it ends in 00.
  • If it ends in 00 and has a number divisible by 4 immediately before the 00 (like 2000 or 1600), it is a Leap Year.
  • If it ends in 00 and has a number not divisible by 4 immediately before it (like 2100 or 1700), it is NOT a Leap Year!

Here’s a quiz question: What is a ‘leapling’? It’s a ‘who’, not a ‘what’! Someone born on a Leap Day is called a leapling!



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