Oblivion: A poem by Keya Bergeron-Verma


Behold, across the barren land

Are men in suits, guns in hand

Coming forth from fog and haze

To set these golden fields ablaze

And they look on

Not knowing…

The general mounts and gives a shout

Don’t spare ‘em, we’ll wipe ‘em out

All the men they whoop and cheer

At the thought of battle, hope, no fear

And they saddle up

Not knowing…

He turns his steed and starts off north

He spurs, he whips, he charges forth

Fury rushes through his veins

He gives a shout, Let loose the reins

And so they follow

Not knowing…

As they clear the fence of wire

The enemy guns before them fire

A hail of bullets, bombs and shells

The air is thick with screams and yells

And yet they charge on

Not knowing…

Around them men and horses fall

The wounded, from the ground they call

Perhaps a friend or stricken foe

But orders were to onward go

And so they ride away

Not knowing…

The general yells, ignore the slaughter

Defend, come hell or high water

As the machine guns open fire

They fight back but soon they tire

And still they hope

Not knowing…

Now only one young man remains

His whitened knuckles grip the reins

He grits his teeth and draws a breath

And stares into the face of death

And he smiles



Contributed by: Keya Bergeron-Verma, Age 14, B.D. Somani International School

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