Poetry by Nishita Malhan: The Sky is the Limit

In life many say – Don’t go too high, you’ll eventually fall
But I am here to tell you – go high and stand tall
There is a story that most of us have heard
A boy called Icarus used to wonder about a bird

He wanted to their wings duplicate
His own pair of wings he did create
They were made of wax and were quite big
To make them, his brain he had to dig

One day, when he was ready to fly
His father warned him, “Do not go too high
Your wings will be melted by the sun, if you do”
Icarus chose to ignore his father and close to the sun he flew

What most do not know is that there is more
To this captivating report
His father also warned him to fly higher than a bee
And not go too low for fear of being engulfed by the sea

The interpretation of most who heard of this
Is that since Icarus fell into an abyss
None should try to do more than you can
But this story proves that Icarus is a memorable man

One shouldn’t be afraid to fail
And not do one’s best and sail
Away from opportunities
In fear of what the future may be
Instead one should be afraid
Of being rather ordinary

Failures are the stepping stones to success
Hence, we should always do our best
We should soar tall
Even if we fall
And the mark made by us will be indelible

So, my friends, do not be afraid to dream
And I promise you, that in life you will gleam


Poem by: Nishita Malhan. Nishita is in the 8th standard at The Cathedral & John Connon School. Click below to order her book of poetry on Amazon.