Read Armaan Khetani’s poem on COMPASSION


What is better than living with passion?

No guesses? Okay, I’ll tell you – it is living with compassion

What is this big word ‘compassion’ – do you even know it?

It’s nothing but respect and kindness for all; not only in your mind – better if you actually show it…

Compassion for fellow humans, whoever they are

Age, gender, colour, race, social status – no bar

And for all other living creatures – animals, birds, even trees

Lions, crocodiles, dogs, pigeons, ducks, spiders and even bees…

Compassion cannot be sold, nor borrowed, nor bought

It is just simple acts of kindness or even a caring thought

-when you don’t kill a fox to make yourself a fur coat and pants

Or always watch your step so you don’t step on a snail or an ant

-when you feel the hunger of a poor child and give him food

Or when you see your grandma sad and do something to uplift her mood

-when you smile at and thank the watchman or maid for no reason

Or cover a shivering puppy with a blanket in the winter season

When you help a confused old woman to cross a busy street

Or buy a cold drink for a labourer who’s been working in the heat

-when you shed a tear for a homeless man

Or spend an evening with a sick friend even if it means you had to change your plan

-when you help Mom lift heavy shopping bags and clear the table after a meal

Or when you see Dad looking tensed, you snuggle up to him and say “Dad, I know how you feel…”

All of the above is compassion; yes it’s just simply that!

See, anyone can do it; you don’t need to be a diplomat…

In fact, you can do it from just about anywhere

Whether at school, at home, on the road, or an office chair

Compassion is just a feeling; it’s not rocket science or art…

But it must come from the heart to reach the heart.


Written by – ARMAAN KHETANI, The Somaiya School, Grade 5D

This poem was presented at ‘The Quality of Mercy’ children’s programme at Kitab Khana on October 7, 2018, coordinated by Rati Dady Wadia with Katie Bagli. The event was part of the seventh 100 Thousand Poets for Change Mumbai festival, curated by Menka Shivdasani.

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  1. Just awesome!!!!
    Can’t believe it’s written by a kid …
    He has to be a truly compassionate soul to write thus …

  2. That’s an awesome poem and represents Armaan’s true personality. He is one kid I know who has a lot of compassion in him 😘😍

  3. Wow that is so beautifully expressed…chip of the block….mature thought process…great work young man….regards Krishna

  4. I know Armaan personally and surely this comes from the bottom of his heart and describes exactly how he feels about life and his own behaviors. As a poem, it is so easy to read, and share in his passion for compassion outright!
    Bhupendra Khetani

  5. 👏🏻👏🏻 Simple though true-to-life poem!!
    At times I wonder🤔…is it me,teaching you?? or learning from you??!!…Proud of u👍🏻😘

  6. Wow ! Armaan

    Beautifully written this poem on Compassion at this such a young age

    Really Proud of u my Dear

    Keep it up this Spirit of Compassion forever

    May GOD Bless u !!!

  7. Armaaaaaaaan am so proud of you!love your thought process!only if adults could feel what you feel the world be a much nicer place to live in!we need more kids like you to steer our life in the right direction!

  8. Armman, its nicely expressed.
    We can realise, how compasinal you are!!/
    Its true words from your heart.
    Top of achievement is to b good human being.
    And that’s what your footsteps are.
    I am proud of you as your teacher.
    Thanks forfollowing good sanskar and karmas.

  9. 👏🏻👏🏻Armaan… simple though true-to-life poem…best reflects your identity… sometimes I wonder🤔,is it me who is teaching you?? Or learning from u??!! PROUD OF U😘

  10. Super job Armaan! So so proud of you! It’s amazing you can put such words together at this age! Highly encourage you to keep writing, and looking forward to reading more from you!

  11. What a lovely thought. I wish all adults were as mature as this 5th grader. We have lots to learn from ypu Arman, and the world needs more people like you. God bless you, child !

  12. Truly compassionate thoughts…. a deep understanding of these emotions coming from a young boy is very reassuring for humankind’s future

  13. Lovely 👌🏻If he is able to see the world through compassionate eyes at this stage … Then he has already achieved a lot for his age.
    Keep it up Armaan.

  14. Beautifully written… straight from your ❤️…..I think we need de whole generation to feel like what you feel…👍

  15. Armaan is a wonderful sensitive boy and I have no doubt that this poem has come straight from his heart and also very effortlessly since he lives these moments everyday ….all the best dude…tday and always …

  16. Wonderfully composed, truly speaks a lot of family upbringing. Witnessed a touch of compassion by his mom.

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