Show a child love and care and save them from child labour and trafficking


I want to drive awareness about the evils of child Labour and child trafficking. 

Child labour is when a person or company employs a child to work. Poor family’s don’t have enough money to fulfill their needs. The adults in the family work but they don’t earn enough money so many times they are forced to send their child to work.

The children aren’t sent to school but have to work in places like farms, factories and construction sites. The children are made to do hard physical labour for more than 12-14 hours a day. For example, they are made to work in farms where they are exposed to harsh weather and harmful chemicals such as pesticides. At construction sites, they risk hurting themselves with falling debris.

The 4 main aspects of a child’s rights are Development, Survival, Protection, and Participation. The development aspect means that a child should mentally and physically grow in a normal way and have a normal childhood with basic education. Participation is that a child is able to freely express themselves, especially their likes and dislikes. Protection is that a child should have somebody protecting them like a parent or a guardian. Survival is that a child should have basics such as food and shelter to survive.

There are organizations that help to protect these children from companies that offer them cheap and strenuous labor but in turn, offer them a good education. I have interacted with a large NGO named CRY and I believe they do a fabulous job. To learn more about them here are their websites:

Child trafficking is another evil and takes place when somebody buys a child. Sometimes people tempt poor uneducated families to sell their children to them. They convince them that ‘ the city is a much better place your child will get food and his needs.’ Most times parents get swayed by the money and give in. It is very sad to see these children separated from their family and sent to the city where awful things happen to them.

In school, we had a guest speaker from the organization Bhachpan Bhachoo –

Their organization has helped 210 children from being trafficked. They started the organization in 1980. Till now they’ve saved 90,000 children. This was started by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi who has helped so many children and fought for them. He is trying to abolish the child labor law that allows children under 14 years of age to “support” their families. This law is misinterpreted as financial support too. We wish him luck and hope he is able to change these horrible laws.

Tarika Choksey is a quirky 10-year-old who attends Bombay International School. She is an avid reader who loves all sorts of contemporary music, plays the piano, sings and dances for fun and never misses football practice

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