Talking Hawking by Aryan Kabra


“There was a young man named Hawking

Who got tired of walking,

He bought a new scooter,

Attached a computer,

And now it does all of his talking”

As most of you may have already guessed I am talking about Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking was born on 8th January 1942 and he passed away 14 March 2018.

At age 17 he entered Oxford University. He went on to do his post-graduate studies at Cambridge University. Since Cambridge did not offer a degree in mathematics he gravitated towards physics and more specifically cosmology. He held the very prestigious post of a mathematics teacher at Cambridge from 1979-2009 which was once held by Isaac Newton.

At age 21 he was diagnosed with a condition called ALS which meant that his body was slowly shutting down. Even with this disability, he threw himself straight back into the investigation of the cosmos.

Stephen’s first major contribution to science was with his ‘theory of singularity’ in collaboration with Roger Penrose. He went on to publish many such scientific theories throughout his lifetime. He also wrote many books, the most famous one being, “A Brief History of Time.”

I chose to talk about Stephen Hawking today because he is an inspiration to me as even though he was confined to a wheelchair he has helped us unlock many secrets about something as vast as space. I too am very intrigued by space and the universe we live in.

Stephen Hawking also had a humorous side he has appeared in a few comedy shows, the most recent being The Big Bang Theory. One of his famous sayings was…

”Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.”

Written By: Aryan Kabra, Grade 4, Bombay International School

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