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This section contains financial news for kids. We report on developments in business, money, and social causes and explain them to children. We curate and create business news for kids by reporting and providing supporting information on major events that impact companies, currencies, world trade and new business ideas. We profile business and social leaders, their companies and their efforts, especially for kids. We support our news reports by explaining and simplifying important concepts such as market capitalisation, how banks work, savings and loans, foreign direct investment, the economic policies of countries, inflation, stock prices, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, demonetisation, protectionism, oil prices, supply and demand, and much, much more.

All of our business news and current affairs is curated and created especially for kids. This news helps children learn about geography and history and helps to develop their general knowledge. It also exposes them to business models, products, invention, innovation, what works and what doesn’t. Reading current affairs has been shown to improve literacy, writing skills, problem-solving and logical thinking skills in kids. Being exposed to and knowledgeable about current affairs has been shown to help kids to build their leadership qualities and interpersonal skills. It has also been shown to help to raise empathy and thoughtfulness by providing perspective.