Carlos Ghosn snuck away from Japan! Who is he and why did he do this?

Who is Carlos Ghosn? Carlos Ghosn was the Chairman of the alliance of car companies Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Renault SA. Nissan and Mitsubishi are Japanese car manufacturers, while Renault is a French company. He is credited with turning around these companies, by cutting costs, forming an alliance between the three companies, and sharing costs and purchases across the alliance. Under him, the alliance reached the number 2 spot globally, in terms of sales, behind Volkswagen AG of Germany.

Got it. So what happened? He was arrested in November 2018, as the Japanese accused him of reporting only half of what he earned, and therefore, paying less in taxes. After spending about 100 days in jail, he was released on bail, and has been under investigation ever since. Like on a crime show, he has been tailed by policemen in plain clothes, his every movement being reported on. Magically though, on December 29, 2019, he escaped from Japan with help from private security officers, and public transportation, a desperately daring adventure using planes, trains and automobiles! As an illustration of the drastic nature of this escapade, the last leg of his journey was in a black box from a car to a private airplane in Japan, as cargo. The black box wasn’t x-rayed as it was too large to fit into the machine, and no one opened it up and looked inside!

Where is he now? He is in Lebanon.

What happens next? He is wanted by the Japanese authorities. He issued a statement yesterday, saying, ‘I did not flee justice. I fled injustice and persecution’. He says he wants a fair trial and was not going to get that in Japan.

Written by: Sunaina Murthy. Sunaina is a biotechnologist, greedy reader, and amateur photographer.