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The posts on this page present exciting developments in science and technology to children and their parents. In these science news articles for kids, we break down scientific concepts, ideas and technologies in engaging, visually pleasing articles, videos and quizzes. There is so much innovation and invention in the world at present that it is important for children to understand and be inspired by all the new developments in the fields of genetics, computers, machine learning, artificial intelligence, space exploration, environmental challenges and solutions. In addition to science news for kids, we provide general knowledge surrounding this content as well. All of our content discussing current affairs and science and technology news for kids is curated and created especially for them. We try to find the coolest news in the space and present it to the children in a simple, visually pleasing manner. This news helps children learn about geography and history and helps to develop their general knowledge. Reading current affairs has been shown to improve literacy, writing skills, problem-solving and logical thinking skills in kids. Being exposed to and knowledgeable about current affairs has been shown to help kids to build their leadership qualities and interpersonal skills. It has also been shown to help to raise empathy and thoughtfulness by providing perspective.