Astronaut Kathy Sullivan becomes the first woman to get to the bottom of the ocean!


Kathy Sullivan is an astronaut, and the first American woman to walk in space. A couple days ago, she also became the first woman to get to the bottom of the ocean! Kathy is the only person to have done both.

Where is the deepest point on earth? The Challenger Deep, in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

How deep did Kathy go? 35,810 feet! Her travel companion was Victor Vescovo, who is the first person to have climbed Mount Everest and gone to the deepest point on earth!

How was the Mariana Trench formed? By the collision of tectonic plates, where one plate goes below the other and forms a trench.


What are tectonic plates? They are parts of the outer cracked crust of the earth, called the lithosphere. There are about 9 large tectonic plates, and these sometimes move and jostle due to the extreme heat coming from the earth’s core, creating and separating super continents (like Pangaea), mountain ranges (like the Himalayas), and trenches in the oceans.

What’s Pangaea? A supercontinent that was formed about 300 million years ago, with Africa, North America, South America and Europe fitting close together.

Far out! Check out our earlier article about what it is like in the Challenger Deep!

And here’s where you can get some more information about plate tectonics:

Written by: Sunaina Murthy

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