Get your DIY gear ready for the annular solar eclipse on June 21!


This Sunday, June 21, is the day we get to see an annular solar eclipse. 

What is a solar eclipse?solar eclipse is one where the sun, moon and earth are all positioned in a line such that the moon is directly positioned between the earth and the Sun. In this position, the darkest part of the moon’s shadow, the umbra, falls on the earth and partially or completely blocks the Sun from the earth.

This is what a total solar eclipse looks like – there will be a time when the sun’s light is completely blocked from the earth and then we can see the ring of fire around the moon once it moves a bit.

Total solar eclipse. Credit:

On June 21, 2020, we will see an annular solar eclipse in Africa, India, Pakistan and some more countries.

What is an annular solar eclipse? An annular solar eclipse is when a new moon (which we can’t see)  falls between the earth and the sun, but the moon is at its farthest point away from the earth, so it only partially blocks the light of the sun, which can be seen as a ring of fire around the earth.

When can you see the solar eclipse in Mumbai? says that the eclipse will begin at 10 am, will peak at 11:37 am, and end by 1:27 pm.

That’s cool! Can we look at the sun during the eclipse? Yes you can, but with special eclipse glasses that block out the harmful rays of the sun. Don’t look at the sun with your naked eyes as the sun can actually burn your retinas with the infrared and ultraviolet radiation that it emits.

So how can you see the solar eclipse if you don’t have special solar eclipse glasses? 

Here are a couple of ways:

Make a solar eclipse viewer: watch this video created by NASA to find out how. It’s super easy and you will have all this at home. Note: When making the hole in the aluminium foil, make a very, very tiny hole – really just a pin prick!


OR: Make solar viewing glasses: If you have a pair of old sun glasses lying about, ask your parents or a grown up if you can do this. Caution: you need to use fire for this, so make sure you have someone responsible with you!

Want to know more about the solar eclipse and how it happens? Here’s our last article on it, with a super video from Vox that really makes it all very simple! Click here!

Written by: Sunaina Murthy

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