Here’s a game changer – a successful first all-electric plane demo!

Credit: magniX

Air travel requires the use of a lot of fuel and is not very kind to our environment. It causes pollution and uses a lot of carbon. But before the current coronavirus crisis, human beings took to the skies at the drop of a hat, alarming environmentalists who have been trying to draw our attention to the impact that this has on the earth.

A company called magniX has just successfully tested the first all-electric plane! The Cessna was fitted with a magniX battery powered engine, can seat 9 people, and flew for 30 minutes!

The cost of running this kind of a plane could be upto 50% less than that of a regular plane, and will be much kinder to the environment. magniX has partnered up with Harbour Airlines which runs short flights as shuttles between places, and hope to launch these electric planes as an eco-friendly and inexpensive option for travel. Pretty cool!

Written by: Sunaina Murthy

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