Pasta saves the day…and maybe the world?


So it looks like pasta really is good for more than a deliciously garlicky pesto sauce with a side of garlic bread and extra cheese!

Confused? Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes, penne, spaghetti, farfalle (the cute little bows), to name a few. One of the less common shapes is called bucatini, which is actually pasta in the form of long tubes.

Bars in Italy have decided to use bucatini in a very clever and eco-friendly way, as straws! Straws are currently made of plastic, which is terrible for the environment, paper, which just gets soggy and disintegrates into your drink, or even metal, which some people find unhygienic, since washing and cleaning straws is not easy!

Pasta Straws? Really? Why not?! Uncooked pasta is hard and does not lose its shape in any cold liquid so the tube-shaped bucatini is actually kind of perfect as a substitute for plastic straws. When a picture from a bar in Italy was posted online, it quickly went viral!

Taking a page out of Italy’s (recipe) book, a British company, Stroodles, has started manufacturing tasteless and completely compostable pasta straws that can last upto 1 hour in any cold drink without losing their shape.

This might just be another unique step in the eco-friendly revolution since every small change makes a big difference!

Written by: Disha Mirchandani. Disha is a former lawyer turned freelance content writer. She is a fitness enthusiast and amateur aerialist with her own fitness photo-blog as well.

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