A tennis tournament in the times of COVID-19?

We know that many of you, like us, might be fed up of staying indoors, washing our hands so often, staying away from our friends and extended families, wearing masks, and keeping a social distance from each other. Human beings are social creatures and this seems almost unnatural! And it’s no fun to be in school online and not be able to chat with your friends. But we do have to be very careful in these times, to avoid getting infected and passing on the infection to our loved ones around us. Here’s a very public example of why this is so important.

Crowds of spectators at the Adria Open 2020. Credit: Ubitennis, ATP

Novak Djokovic is the Number One male singles tennis player in the world. Last week, he organised a tennis tournament for charity in Serbia and Croatia, and invited players from around the world to participate. Dominic Thiem, Grigor Dimitrov, Alexander Zverev,  and other top tennis players attended. However, tennis in the times of COVID-19 should look different to what it has looked like in the past. Photographs and coverage of the event showed crowds of people together, with no social distancing, players hugging each other and shaking hands, and basically being in close contact with each other.

Early this week, some of the players, including Dimitrov and Djokovic tested positive for the coronavirus and are isolating themselves and their families. We wish them a speedy recovery, and use this as a reminder to be responsible. Keep those masks on, wash your hands, and stay safe!