Meet Rudolph Ingram Jr. Will he be the next Usain Bolt?


His speed has earned him the nickname, ‘Blaze the Great’; some even say that he is the ‘next Usain Bolt’. He plays football and basketball like a professional league player. His grades at school are always A’s or B’s. His Instagram followers are 300,000 and increasing each day. Sometimes, he models for children fashion and sporting goods. No wonder this 7-year-old has grabbed the attention of the world!

Meet Rudolph Ingram Jr, probably the fastest kid in the world, who set a record recently by completing his 100m race in only 13.48 seconds! This young athlete who started training since he was 4 years old; has already won 20 Gold medals (out of the total 36 medals won) in the last two AAU National Championships. While Usain Bolt holds the 100m World Record at 9.58 seconds; this child is determined to break that record and beat Usain Bolt in a race! Check out this video to see how super fast he is.

And running is not the only thing that he is good in; his football skills are equally great and impressed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a national league American football team. His superior basketball moves left 3 times NBA champion LeBron James amazed! Truly, this boy is quite the sportsman!

Rudolph lives in Florida, USA with his family. His father, Rudolph Ingram Sr. is a sports coach and trainer and he personally plans his son’s training sessions. According to him, Rudolph Jr “does not like to feel like a loser. He wants to win.”

We hope his determination to succeed remains so that we will be able to see him play on a NFL team in about 20 years!

Written by: Preetika Soni. Preetika is a freelance content writer and transcriptionist. Her interests are photography, crochet, and finding answers for her 3 year old son’s ‘But Why’ questions.




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