Ode to Sports in 2018


Ode to Sports in 2018

It’s the end of the year, that was twenty-eighteen,
So what happened in sports, with your favourite team?
There was the World Cup, and then regular seasons,
‘Twas a great year for fans, here are my reasons.

Let’s start with the Cup, that comes every four years,
As usual it ended, with England in tears.
Croatia played well, and was the runner-up,
But in the end, the French won the cup.
Neymar won an Oscar, Messi won nothing,
Poor England prepared too early for homecoming.

We’ve watched this next flick, since 2003,
I’m talking about tennis, and the same old big three.
Roger won Aus, Novak Wimb & New York,
Rafa won the French, oh, what a shock!
The time for new blood, is long overdue,
Zverev, Thiem or anyone please come through.

Four different winners, in four different slams,
Women’s tennis, is capturing the fans.
Of course, the greatest had the greatest meltdown,
Oh Serena, you behaved like a clown.

The Return of the Kings, is not a movie,
I’m talking about that team, lead by MS Dhoni.
CSK was back, and cruised to victory,
Hail to Captain Cool, you eternal beauty.

Then there was Lewis, who won championship five,
But F 1’s ratings, have taken a dive.
Although the sport, has lost some of its glory,
The way this kid is driving, it’s a tremendous story.

The Commonwealth Games, came and went,
Our Indian athletes, created a significant dent.
The shooters and wrestlers, won some jewellery,
But medalling in athletics, wow! that made history.
It’s sad that you probably, don’t know their names,
It’s time these athletes, get fortune and fame.

The Big Cat was back, a player we adore,
At last in September, we heard the old roar.
He’s coming for number fifteen, as he should,
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Tiger Woods.

LeBron reached the finals, but was thrown overboard,
If only J.R. Smith, could read a scoreboard.
He’s a Laker now, inheriting a long legacy,
But it’s going to take more, to beat Curry and KD.

Back to football, and the champions Man City,
Their record-breaking season, was a sight to see.
The ‘Special One’ was dreadful, and rightfully fired,
The hype around him, made Pogba really tired.
United will be back, but is 19 ’bout Liverpool?
Don’t count your chickens, they may choke it you fools.

Mary Kom and Sindhu’s, careers are thriving,
India’s best, they just keep on winning.
Ravi and Kohli, messed up their selections,
KL Rahul, needs to experience rejection.

Let’s bring in the year, twenty-nineteen,
You probably have hopes, and dreams for your team.
I hope you enjoyed, this little rhyme,
Thanks 2018, we had a great time.

Photo Credit: News Nation

Written by Pranav Gandhi. Pranav is an entrepreneur and sports writer. He has written for various publications including HuffingtonPost, CNNGo, GQ and FirstPost. He also appears on television news shows on sports-related topics. He is the co-founder and co-host of Sportal Combat.

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