Here’s the link to The Weekly Quiz #4 by Currentkids!

To play the quiz:

Game Code: 8769851

Good morning Current Kids!

The link to the Quiz is above.

Please Note: You might be asked to sign in or log in – you don’t have to. You can just click on the ‘skip for now’ link to get into the quiz. 

For your reference, this is how the scoring works:

You get 600 points for getting a correct answer, and upto 400 points more per question depending on how fast you answer.

You get 0 for an incorrect answer. There is no negative scoring so try each queston!

Winning Streaks: 

There are bonuses for a winning streak.

If you get 3-5 questions in a row correct, then you get 100 bonus points per question.

With 6-8 questions correct in a row, you get an additional 200 points per question.

With 9+ questions correct you get 300 + points per correct question.

As soon as your winning streak ends and you get a question wrong, your bonus points will end and regular scoring resumes until you hit a new streak.

Good luck to you all!

Biyash and Sunaina